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NUR Labs®'s story began in 1922 with the initiative of two brothers, Abdullah Sadri and Yahya Akin, two of Turkey's first pharmacists. Having graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Akın brothers opened their first pharmacy in Anatolian side of Turkey, Kutahya and started a dream. They introduced modern western medicine to the people of Anatolia and also started to manufacture the tablets and capsules by developing the traditional blends of alternative medicine in their pharmacy's laboratory. They passed on their experiences through the years of healing, science and health from one generation to the next.  In 1961, they established Cerrahpasa Nur Pharmacy, which is still one of the most prominent and historical pharmacy in Istanbul. Some individuals from the third generation of the family received their pharmacy education in the United States, Master's degree in pharmaceutical marketing and worked as an administrator in the largest pharmaceutical chains in the United States to continue the family legend. After more than 15 years of experience as a licensed registered pharmacist in the United States, upon returning to their hometown, they established NUR Labs® in Turkey as a national brand using non-allergenic pharmaceutical grade pure raw materials for developing new supplements in the market. Originated in Anatolia, grown in Turkey and developed in the United States, NUR Labs® is a story of one family whose experience in pharmacuticals, devotion to science and dedication to help people made their dream come true.

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